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Chemical Industry Additives

The production process in several industries faces quality problems of the produced products or even production interruption, which are due to the growth of various fungi and microorganisms. These problems have unpleasant effects, both financially and on the quality of the products.

Filpro works with leading chemical companies to combat the problems, while providing its customers with: technical support, frequent visits and laboratory analysis, monitoring of water parameters and providing support for applications and adaptations of chemical protection programs where and when required required.

  • Papermaking chemical additives

  • Tanning chemical additives

  • Wood Processing Chemical Additives
  • Chemical additives for the Metal Industry
  • Sugar Industry Chemical Additives

  • Chemical additives for the Plastics & Paints Industry

  • Chemical additives for preventive protection of water-cooled systems
  • Chemical Additives for Preventive Vapor Protection

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