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Side channel fans can act as either a vacuum pump or a compressor. Blowers are virtually maintenance-free because there is no contact between stationary and rotating parts. Lightweight aluminum construction provides maximum durability and flexible operation. The absence of lubricants guarantees 100% oil-free vacuum or compression. Special mufflers help to achieve a low noise level.

Typical applications of side channels are: water treatment, drying, pick and place, vacuum lifting and air conveying.



Available in 3 models (Single Phase & Three Phase):


Output power (kW - Hp) 1,1 - 1,5 1,5 - 2,0 2,2 - 3,0
Flow (m³/h) @10m 144 192 300
Phase(V) 220 220 380
Dimensions (m³/h) @10m 370x360x380 370x370x390 430x440x440


For orders please call  +30 210 481 1064