Automatic Hydrolysis - Electrolysis System DA-GEN DRYDEN AQUA


The DA-GEN system is a hydrolysis and electrolysis chemical treatment system that uses advanced oxidation technology to produce free radicals.

Free radicals are highly efficient oxidizing agents, with the important advantage that they do not create harmful disinfection byproducts.




  • Optimal disinfection with free radicals
  • Safe, low-cost and ecological disinfection
  • Fully automated water treatment control and remote access via WIFI
  • Healthy, excellent pool water, with drinking water quality
  • High efficiency hydrolysis: Breaks down water molecules into free radicals for optimal disinfection
  • Full control of pool operation: Embedded WiFi module (DA - GEN app /
  • High performance production electrode: Works with only 1 gr / liter of water with common salt (NaCl) or magnesium chloride (MgCl2)
  • Swim in drinking water! Combine DA - GEN with the Dryden DAISY system for drinking water quality pool water


 Available in 3 models:


Description DA GEN complete 45 RX  DA GEN complete 90 RX DA GEN complete 150 RX
Pool size (m³) 45  90 150
Chlorine production (g) TDS 1200 / TDS 2400 7 / 15 15 / 30 25 / 50


For orders please call  +30 210 481 1064


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